Sea Scum and Half Frozen Rats.

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Here are a few photos mixed together of some recent travels and a few more recent tattoos.

The painting was done for a hoody design for my friends in the band, Polar Bear Club. I’m stoked on how well the painting transferred to clothing, hopefully those guys make some spare gas money off it. The original is not for sale and thus far no prints have been made.

The next few months are shaping up to be busy, busy, busy. I will be heading to Denver, CO in March to tattoo and explore a new city; then to Boston in April. Thanks to each of you who seek me out and let me put a permanent mark on you!!! Anyone interested in getting tattooed, email me for appointment info and availability:


Gypsies and Witchs.

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This flash sheet has been my little project for the past month. It came on the road with me while traveling for tattoo guest spots in Portsmouth and Boston and was finally completed a few weeks after returning to the lull that is my apartment in this cold, cold little town. I made one run of 50 prints. $25 including shipping to anywhere the international mailing service can deliver. Prints can be purchased through my website using paypal or by email/ money order if that’s more personal.

I will be returning to Boston this month for a week of tattooing, if anyone is interested please email me to set up an appointment. ( A $50 deposit is required for all tattoos, please and thank you.


Lady Famine.

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I did this tattoo during my last trip through Boston on my good friend, Denyse. 5 1/2 hours one session, tough lady! I’m making travel arrangements for the next few months, hopefully escaping the snow as much as possible.  I finally took the time to make a web address, please use that as my main website and contact information. Thank you all, godspeed!

Texas is the reason.

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After more than a month on the road, I’ve returned to the stale, yet humid air of Syracuse, NY.  My studio/apartment is still flourishing with curiosities and wooden treasures, thanks to several short antiquing quests with my best friend, Ian Dana. Its going to be very difficult to part with these cluttered rooms when the time comes for change. I’m hoping to get a solid month of tattooing in before I start back into the traveling. Contact me via email for information and future traveling zapper action.

*Ian Dana will be beginning a short traveling tattoo voyage next week, until then he will be tattooing out of Working Class Tattoo in Syracuse, NY. You can view a small portion of his works and his contact information here.

The hopeful.

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Hope rots a man from the inside out.

We share the sky.

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It’s been a long journey from my last update. Warped Tour  has treated me better than I possibly could have hoped. Great friends, a solid meal plan, and no rent. I truly wish it could have continued. Tattooing in the back room of a tour bus could be a bit awkward at times, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge!

Moths to a flame.

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I was fortunate enough to find myself back in Brooklyn earlier this week, a personal thank you to JK5, for doing a brilliant job on a script lettering tattoo across my hairline. Check him out! I’ve returned home with renewed vigor, which seems to be only gaining momentum. This tattoo belongs to my friend Jimmy, who is the vocalist for Polar Bear Club, I will  be traveling out to California next week for some rest and relaxation before taking off with Polar Bear Club for back alley tour bus, tat zapping adventures.


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